Horndon on the Hill - Selection Policy


HHCC Cricket Selection
Have you updated your availability?

If you wish to be considered for selection the best way to notify the cricket committee of your availability is via your most regular Captain's phone number.

If there are any issues which you would like to discuss with the cricket committee again please do get in touch and let us know.

NB: All members and potential members are invited to join our website, please contact admin if you have any issues registering

Senior Selection Policy

We are an amateur cricket club, which sees cricket as a social pastime and we accept members with a wide range of skills. We look to provide members with competitive cricket played in the right spirit.

The selection committee follows the following principles:

- To pick balanced sides for competitive league cricket

- To pick sides on merit based on what each player can contribute to a side.

- No player is guaranteed to be picked for a particular team.

- Junior players are encouraged but should not expect always to be picked in the adult sides.

- Consistent availability across the season will be taken into account.

- The captain and cricket committee has the final say in the selection of his team.

- The development of junior players is an important consideration with regard to their selection.

Please note: The selection committee will not always get it right but we try and any mistakes made are honestly made.

Please talk to the relevant Captain if at any time during the season you are concerned about anything to do with selection, whether relating to yourself or other players.  We can only deal with issues if we know about them.

We do expect players to recognize that they also have responsibilities such as:

- When representing the club to maintain the highest standards of behaviour and play in the Spirit of the Game.

- To recognize that the team is more important than the individual.

- To wear club clothing on the field of play.

It is very important that if a player knows he is unavailable for selection that he informs the selection committee ASAP by contacting the captain of the side, for which he last played. 

If at any point a player needs to drop out after being selected for any reason, it is important  that the captain is informed as soon as it is known so that a replacement player can be called up.

Contact Details:
1st XI: Jeff West jnr 07846129889